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The NMR Facility has two Varian Spectrometers with a field strength of  400 MHz and 500MHz. Both spectrometers have the same configuration: two channels with Z gradients further details of the exact configurations are given below under each spectrometers details. The facility is using Agilent's Chempack pulse sequences suite for most routine measurements (400 MHz) and DOSY/Biopack for specific studies (500 MHz).

Varian400: is the walk-up instrument for automated heteronuclear NMR.

The spectrometer has a console with a Direct Digital receiver and an OneNMR probe, which can be tuned automatically to any nucleus between 15N and 31P with ProTune autotuning. Also, has an automated 100-sample changer (for standard 8” NMR tubes) and use VnmrJ3.2 software. This spectrometers delivers routine, rapid heteronuclear-detect spectra like 19F, 31P, 13C, 11B, and 195Pt in automation.

Typically short acquisitions are performed in daytime hours (9 am to 7 pm), while longer experiments such as 2D HSQC or HMBC are submitted to run overnight. This arrangement allows for quick access to spectra during the daytime.

Sensitivity specs:
1H (0.1% ethyl benzene (8.16mM) in CDCl3): 500:1
13C (10% ethyl benzene (816 mM) in CDCl3, 1H-decoupled, 1.1% nat. ab.): 200:1

Varian500:  besides the standard experiments, the 500 is used for kinetics, diffusion, drug discovery  and variable temperature investigations.

Is the instrument of choice for more demanding samples, and is frequently used for the full characterisation of samples where tiny amounts of material are available.The spectrometer is equipped with an inverse detection AutoX probe, The 500 uses VnmrJ software 2.2D version.

Sensitivity specs:
1H (0.1% ethyl benzene (8.16mM) in CDCl3): 800:1
19F (0.05 % TFT in benzene-d6) : 826:1


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EPR/ESR spectrometer EMX of Bruker, with a microwave bridge of X-band (~9 GHz) EMX premium X, magnet of 10” ER073 with a power supply of 12 KW ER083.

The following accessories are available:

- Standard cavity
- Double cavity
- Several container samples (quartz tubes, quartz capillaries, cells, flat cells for tissue)
- Liquid nitrogen dewar
- Continuous flow cryostat system of liquid helium (4.2 K - 300 K)
- High vacuum unit HP40B2 from Vacuubrand
- Liquid nitrogen variable temperature accesory: cryostat, liquid nitrogen transfer line... (120 K – 520 K)
- Intelligent temperature controler ITC 503S from Oxford Instruments
- Gas flow controller from Oxford Instruments
- "In situ" radiation source of UV-vis. 500 W Oriel pressure mercury lamp. Power supply Newport 69910
- Bruker software acquisition, processing and simulation spectra WINEPR and SimFonia