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The Custom Antibody Service CAbS provides a high quality service, whereby each project is examined by the Scientific Committee who produces a feasibility report. Once each project is completed, the antibody generated is delivered with a report including data related to its characterisation as well as aspects relating to its production.

The service is facilitated with a laboratory for the development and production of monoclonal antibodies which is kept under positive pressure to maintain sterile conditions. The laboratory is fully equipped for obtaining, selecting and storing monoclonal antibody producing hybridomas. The equipment is composed of an inverted phase contrast microscope with a camera, two Class II laminar flow biological safety cabinets, two CO2 incubators, a bioreactor for hybridoma culture, and tangential filtration unit for purification of the antibodies produced in the culture. In addition, the facility has infrastructure for the production of polyclonal antibodies, as well as laboratories for the synthesis of bioconjugates, haptens, purification of antibodies and the performance of immunoassays.