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The Custom Antibody Service CAbS combined with the Nanobiotechnology for Diagnostics Nb4D group has long experience in the production of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies.

The group has produced antibodies against a wide variety of molecules but is specialised in the production of antibodies against small molecular weight molecules. As these are not immunogenic by themselves, the team has developed strategies to overcome this and has succeeded in producing antibodies against many such small molecular weight molecules.

The team has become a European and International referent for the production of antibodies for use in various fields including the environmental monitoring, food safety and clinical fields. Antibodies have been produced against substances such as antibiotics, pesticides, food-borne pathogens, surfactants, cardiovascular and neurological biomarkers. 
CAbs has provided their services to entities as varied as public research centers, hospitals, universities, small enterprises and large companies.