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CAbS (Custom Antibody Service) is a joint facility established under the umbrella of the IQAC-CSIC and CIBER-BBN. The facility wants to offer a high quality service for customized monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production against many types of antigens including proteins, peptides or small organic molecules. Moreover, CAbS can offer additional services related to the preparation of immunoreagents and development of immunochemical methods and protocols. CAbS takes each customer's needs into consideration and discusses the most appropriate approach to accomplish their objectives.
This service constitute the unit 2 of NANBIOSIS, the integrated infrastructure for the production and characterization of nanomaterials, biomaterials and systems in biomedicine, of CIBER-BBN and the Minimal Invasion Surgery Center Jesús Usón, which has been recognized by Spanish Government as Unique Scientific-Technological Infrastructure (ICTS).

Below is a more detailed description of the services and features provided by CAbS
* A) Monoclonal Antibody Development: The standard service includes:
1. Discussion of the project (screening system, selection criteria, etc.) and planning the work.
2. Immunization, Cell Fusion, Screening and cloning: At least two Balb/c mice will be immunized to generate antibody-producing B lymphocytes. After their fusion with myeloma cells screening of the best hybridomas will be performed by ELISA using previously supplied antigen. Specific clones will be subcloned by limiting dilution.
3. The customer will receive two cryovials and 10 ml of culture supernantant of each positive clone. 
* B) Polyclonal Antibody Development: The standard service includes:
1. Discussion of the details of the project including features such as the type of immunogen, the final properties of the antibodies, and the species and number of animals used.
2. Immunization protocol: As accorded by the customer.
3. Isolation of the antiserum
4. ELISA testing: samples obtained on each boost injection and the final antisera will be tested against the antigen following the criteria agreed upon in the previous discussion with the costumer. The costumer will receive 60-80 mL of the final serum from each rabbit and about 5 mL samples of the pre-immune serum, and the blood extractions made during the immunization protocol after each boosting injection.
* C) Additional services (optional):
1. Preparation of bioconjugates: labelled antibodies, haptenized proteins and enzymes, biotinylated and fluorescent probes, gold nanoparticle conjugates, etc.
2. Antibody purification: isolation of the IgG fraction.
3. Development of immunochemical methods: ELISA, immunoaffinity columns, etc.
4. Antibody characterization (Isotyping).
5. Hybridoma cryopreservation.
6. Mycoplasma testing
* D) Additional features of CAbS: Each project/service will be confidential. Unless otherwise stated in a signed agreement, the property of immuno(bio)reagents produced or synthetized and the results obtained regarding establishment of immunochemical methods and procedures will belong to the costumer.

Visitar la web del grupo: http://www.iqac.csic.es/nb4d/en/1/81