Chemical biology is a discipline that applies chemical tools to investigate biological phenomena. Major advances have been seen in biology in the last decade thanks to the application of chemical biology strategies ranging from the synthesis of small molecule modulators of enzymes or protein-protein interactions to the design of new fluorophores, the establishment of new methods for target identification or the development of novel techniques in protein chemistry, among many others.

Our main objective in this field is the development of chemical tools that can contribute to the elucidation of the factors regulating diseases and to get a better understanding of relevant biological processes, with a special focus on autophagy. As a consequence, our research interests cover various fields of organic chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics and medicinal chemistry, thereby focusing on screen development, design and synthesis of small-molecule inhibitors, the establishment of novel strategies for peptide and protein chemistry, including protein synthesis, modification and immobilization, and the characterization of lipid-protein interactions.