The Nanobiotechnology for Diagnostics Group (Nb4D) has focussed on the development of novel molecular diagnostic tools to provide alternatives to the actual limitations existing in several fields, but particularly in the clinical and food safety areas. The combination of nanotechnological and biotechnological advances have given rise to novel molecular diagnostic approaches to improve efficiency and/or to refine and extend the limits of detection. Nanostructured surfaces and nanoparticles can be the basis for the construction of functional hybrid materials consisting of both organic (biomolecules) and inorganic components. Biosensors are among the potential applications of these new immunosensors using antibodies as biorecognition elements and have fascinationg features such as the possibility to respond selectively to biological or bioactive substances and the capability to respond in a physiologically manner. The unique properties of certain nanomaterials combined with the excellent features of the antibodies allow for envisaging novel exquisitely sensitive chemical and biological sensors.


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