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Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Modelling
  • Name :Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Modelling
  • Head :Jordi Bujons Vilàs



Molecules of biological and biomedical interest, isolation, design, synthesis, biosynthesis, and activity evalution of drugs, insect pheromones, secondary metabolites, enzymatic inhibitors, biocatalysts, agroforester subproducts and antioxidants. Molecular recognition of ions and molecules of biological interest. Study of non covalent interactions. Modelling of enzymatic catalysis mechanisms. Modification of the activity and selectivity of biocatalysts by means of genetic engineering. Mechanisms of action of antioxidant protectors. Biorational control of  plagues. Characterization of insect proteins by means of proteomic and molecular biology techniques. Persistent organic free radicals as biochemical sensors. Study of the electronic structure and reactivity of molecules by means of theoretical chemistry computational techniques. Computational elucidation of reaction mechanisms of interest in atmospheric chemistry. New theoretical methods for exploring potential energy surfaces.