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Dietary and microbial oxazoles induce intestinal inflammation by modulating aryl hydrocarbon receptor responses.

Shankar S. Iyer, Thomas Gensollen, Amit Gandhi, Sungwhan F. Oh, Joanna F. Neves, Frederic Collin, Richard Lavin, Carme Serra, Jonathan Glickman, Punyanganie S. A. de Silva, R. Balfour Sartor, Gurdyal Besra, Russell Hauser, , Anthony Maxwell, Amadeu Llebaria, Richard S. Blumberg

Cell (2018) 173(5) p1123–1134.e11


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Stability, biocompatibility and antioxidant activity of PEG-modified liposomes containing resveratrol

Caddeo, C., Pucci, L., Gabriele, M., Carbone, C., Fernàndez-Busquets, X., Valenti, D., Pons, R., Vassallo, A., Fadda, A.M., Manconi, M.

Oleic acid chlorohydrin, a new early biomarker for the prediction of acute pancreatitis severity in humans

de-Madaria, E., Molero, X., Bonjoch, L., Casas, J., Cárdenas-Jaén, K., Montenegro, A., Closa, D.


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