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Unraveling the Multistimuli Responses of a Complex Dynamic System of Pseudopeptidic Macrocycles


Valdivielso, A. M., Puig-Castellví, F., Atcher, J., Solà, J., Tauler, R. and Alfonso, I.


PhD thesis presentation

Deciphering the role of peripheral and central nervous system metabotropic glutamate receptors in neuropathic pain with photoactivable ligands

Joan Font Inglès

Department of Biomedicinal Chemistry

9 de juny a les 11 h a la Facultat de Química


Recent articles

Myriocin treatment of CF lung infection and inflammation: complex analyses for enigmatic lipids

Anna Caretti, Michele Vasso, Fabiola Tecla Bonezzi, Andrea Gallina, Marco Trinchera, Alice Rossi, Raffaella Adami, Josefina Casas, Monica Falleni, Delfina Tosi, Alessandra Bragonzi, Riccardo Ghidoni, Cecilia Gelfi, Paola Signorelli

DHA and l-carnitine loaded chitosan hydrogels as delivery systems for topical applications

Isabel Solé, Susana Vílchez, Jonathan Miras, Núria Montanyà , Maria José García-Celma, Jordi Esquena


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