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Myriocin treatment of CF lung infection and inflammation: complex analyses for enigmatic lipids

Anna Caretti, Michele Vasso, Fabiola Tecla Bonezzi, Andrea Gallina, Marco Trinchera, Alice Rossi, Raffaella Adami, Josefina Casas, Monica Falleni, Delfina Tosi, Alessandra Bragonzi, Riccardo Ghidoni, Cecilia Gelfi, Paola Signorelli

DHA and l-carnitine loaded chitosan hydrogels as delivery systems for topical applications

Isabel Solé, Susana Vílchez, Jonathan Miras, Núria Montanyà , Maria José García-Celma, Jordi Esquena


I Workshop IQAC

IQAC celebrate the first Workshop, where several researchers will explain the main lines of his research. These conferences have been proposed by the management of the center to let us know better together

Celebrem les primeres Jornades IQAC, on diversos caps de grup ens explicaran les línies principals de les seves recerques. Aquestes Jornades han estat proposades per la direcció del centre per tal de donar-nos a conèixer millor tots plegats

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Recent articles

Effects of the combination of ?-3 PUFAs and proanthocyanidins on the gut microbiota of healthy rats

Ramos-Romero, S., Hereu, M., Molinar-Toribio, E., Almajano, M.P., Méndez, L., Medina, I., Taltavull, N., Romeu, M., Nogués, M.R., Torres, J.L.

Monocatenary histidine-based surfactants: Role of the alkyl chain length in antimicrobial activity and their selectivity over red blood cells

Bustelo, M. Pinazo, A., Manresa, M.A., Mitjans, M.,Vinardell, M.P.,Pérez, L. 


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Investigation of the elastic and adhesion properties of adsorbed hydrophobically modified inulin films on latex particles using Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

Obiols-Rabasa, M., Oncins, G., Sanz, F., Tadros, T.F., Solans, C., Levecke, B., Booten, K., Esquena, J

Exogenous and endogenous lipids of human hair

Coderch, L. , Oliver, M.A., Martínez, V., Manich, A.M., Rubio, L., Martí, M.


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The first fluorogenic sensor for sphingosine-1-phosphate lyase activity in intact cells.

Sanllehí P, Casasampere M, Abad JL, Fabriàs G, López O, Bujons J, Casas J, Delgado A

Stereoselective preparation of quaternary 2-vinyl sphingosines and ceramides and their effect on basal sphingolipid metabolism

Raquel Calderón, Nerea Mercadal, José Luis Abad, Xavier Ariza, Antonio Delgado, Jordi Garcia, Aleix Rodrígueza, Gemma Fabriàs


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