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Preparation of a Nanoemulsion with Carapa guianensis Aublet (Meliaceae) Oil by a Low-Energy/Solvent-Free Method and Evaluation of Its Preliminary Residual Larvicidal Activity

Flávia L. M. Jesus, Fernanda B. de Almeida, Jonatas L. Duarte, Anna E. M. F. M. Oliveira, Rodrigo A. S. Cruz, Raimundo N. P. Souto, Ricardo M. A. Ferreira, Regina Gendzelevski Kelmann, José C. T. Carvalho, Ana C. Lira-Guedes, Marcelino Guedes, Conxita Solans and Caio P. Fernandes

A copper-templated, bifunctional organocatalyst: a strongly cooperative dynamic system for the aldol reaction

Anna Serra-Pont, Ignacio Alfonso, Jordi Solà and  Ciril Jimeno

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The role of sorption processes in the removal of pharmaceuticals by fungal treatment of wastewater

D. Lucas, F. Castellet-Rovira, M. Villagrasa, M. Badia-Fabregat, D. Barceló, c, T. Vicent, G. Caminal, M. Sarrà, S. Rodríguez-Mozaz

Jaspine B induces nonapoptotic cell death in gastric cancer cells independently of its inhibition of ceramide synthase[S]

Francesca Cingolani, Fabio Simbari, Jose Luis Abad, Mireia Casasampere, Gemma Fabrias, Anthony H. Futerman† and Josefina Casas

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Cytotoxic effects of commonly used nanomaterials and microplastics on cerebral and epithelial human cells

Gabriella F. Schirinzi, Ignacio Pérez-Pomeda, Josep Sanchís, Cesare Rossini, Marinella Farré, Damià Barceló

Surface chemistry and germination improvement of Quinoa seeds subjected to plasma activation

A. Gómez-Ramírez, López-Santos, M. Cantos, J. L. García, R. Molina, J. Cotrino, J. P. Espinós & A. R. González-Elipe

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Comparative study of the diagnostic and prognostic value of antibodies against chimeric citrullinated synthetic peptides and CCP3/CCP3.1 assays

María J. Gómara, Javier Rodríguez, María J. Bleda, Juan P. Salvador, Raimon Sanmartí and Isabel Haro

Microvesicle release and micellar attack as the alternative mechanisms involved in the red-blood-cell-membrane solubilization induced by arginine-based surfactants

M. Elisa Fait, Melisa Hermet, Francesc Comelles, Pere Clapés, H. Ariel Alvarez, Eduardo Prieto, Vanesa Herlax, Susana R. Morcelle  and  Laura Bakás


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