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MCS starts an international collaboration to bring new light on the role of melatonin in various diseases

The MCS (Medicinal Chemistry & Synthesis) group from IQAC has started a collaboration with the Functional Pharmacology and Pathophysiology of Membrane Receptors group from the Institute Cochin in Paris. Directed by Ralf Jockers, the group is a world leader in the study of melatonin receptors, a hormone that has been linked to certain metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases.
This four-year project aims to characterize the interaction between the cell surface and the intracellular melatonin receptors. The collaboration contemplates the development of innovative pharmacological tools based on photoregulated ligands - one of the MCS specialties - that provide new data on the role of melatonin in different diseases. The main objective is to redirect the design of drugs towards a better therapeutic efficacy.

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