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Metabolic diseases

Metabolic diseases

IQAC_052.  Treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases, in particular steatohepatitis, based on the use of a family of fatty acid amides with phenylalkylamines related compounds (OLHHA), which induces a reduction of liver damage.





IQAC_055.  Antiviral agents for prevention and treatment of AIDS and Hepatitis C

New agents based on G-quadruplex structures with strong antiviral activity against both Human Immunodeficiency and Hepatitis C Viruses by targeting fusion inhibition have been developed. Application as microbicides for topical use,  for prevention of infections produced by sexual transmission.




IQAC_054. Biocompatible cationic aminoacid surfactants

A family of biocompatible cationic surfactants derived from histidine with enhanced surface properties, no toxicity and antimicrobial and antifungal activity. These compounds could be used in food, cosmetic, biomedical and pharmaceutical applications.


Knowledge Transfer

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Technologies Available

• Clinical Diagnosis


• Metabolic Diseases

• Drug Delivery

• Biosensors

• Surfactants

• Measuring Devices

• Food Safety Test

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Clinical diagnosis



Clinical diagnosis


IQAC_019. Test for early diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis based on chimeric fibrin and filaggrin peptides

An ELISA using chimeric citrullinated peptides derived from α-fibrin and filaggrin chains has been developed for early diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. Tested in sera from 900 patients, it shows improved sensitivity and prognostic value, as it is able to identify patients with aggressive disease and works where other commercial tests failed.

IQAC_047. Immunoassay for rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases  caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Immunochemical method for diagnosis of infections produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa, one of the leading causes of infections in hospitalised and immune compromised patients. The immunoassay is fast and efficient, with low LOD and adaptable to point-of care devices.

IQAC_053. Immunoassay for detection of infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus

Immunochemical method for diagnosis of infections produced by Staphylococcus aureus, an important cause of community and hospital acquired infections. The immunoassay is specific, sensitive and adaptable to point-of care devices.

Measuring Devices



Measuring Devices

IQAC_051. New gravimetric humidity measuring sensor

Gravimetric sensor able to measure environmental humidity at different range of temperatures in an easy, accurate and precise way, due to the treatment undergone by the material used, that allows elimination of the hysteresis phenomenon.


Food safety tests




Food safety tests


IQAC_017. Immunoassay to detect residual fluoroquinolone-type antibiotics in food     LICENSED

Haptens to generate antibodies to fluoroquinolone-based antibiotics for determining their residues in food. The immunoassay is fast and efficient, has detection limits of 0.025-6 ppb depending on the fluoroquinolone, matrix and animal species and detects fluoroquinolones undetectable with other methods.


Drug delivery





Drug delivery


IQAC_007. Bicosomes: bicelles encapsulated in liposomes and their application in diluted systems     LICENSED

 A new sort of liposomes containing bicelles, called bicosomes, in such a way that bicelle morphology is preserved in diluted environments.  Bicosomes allow encapsulation and administration of drugs, dyes or pigments acting as carrier for substances of cosmetic, dermatological and pharmaceutical interest in diluted water solutions and as permeability enhancers of biological membranes.







IQAC_003. Three-dimensional biosensor for detection of analytes in a biological sample  LICENSED

Three-dimensional impedimetric biosensor that allows a direct detection of analytes from a biological sample of human, veterinarian or environmental origin. The biosensor increases significantly the sensitivity to changes in impedance deriving from biochemical processes in comparison with conventional planar devices (2 orders of magnitude in signal/noise relation).

IQAC_004. Biosensor device for simultaneous detection of several biological samples in solution    LICENSED

Biosensor device that allows the simultaneous quantification of various analytes from a biological sample or of a compound in a multisample format. This technology can be applied by using microarrays, to the detection of analyte traces in different fields, such as control of residues in food, environmental control or disease diagnosis.